Big Data Hadoop Training Institutes in Bangalore

Big Data Hadoop Training Institutes in Bangalore

Did you know that within a short time span of 3 to 5 years, 50% of the world’s data is going to be processed on Hadoop? So what does this mean? Well, it only means that the demand for the individuals trained in hadoop is only going to shoot up drastically!

Hadoop is an extremely scalable storage platform that stores and distributes very huge data sets across several inexpensive servers, which operate in parallel. Simply put, it is flexible, fast, failu proof and inexpensive too!
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Why Should You Go For A Hadoop Certification?

With a sudden boom in Hadoop, organizations are now struggling to find Hadoop talent. Industries adopting this technology want to ensure that they hire professionals who are good at handling huge petabytes of data. This is exactly where a certification can make you stand out from the rest. Hadoop certification is the proof of your capabilities that reassures organizations about your capabilities and responsibilities to handle their data.

Who Should Take Up Hadoop Training And Are There Any Prerequisites For It?

Big data Hadoop certification is ideal for professionals aspiring to make a career in data analytics with Hadoop framework. So, individuals like Analytics professionals, Project Managers, Software professionals, Testing professionals, ELT developers, etc. can make a great career by getting Hadoop certified.

While there are no specific prerequisites to take up this course, individuals seeking employment in IT companies can be ideal candidates for this. It helps to make your CV look stronger and gives an edge to those who are already working in this field.

Course covers

  • Distributed computing
  • Data management – Industry Challenges
  • Overview of Big Data
  • Characteristics of Big Data
  • Types of data
  • Sources of Big Data
  • Big Data examples
  • What is streaming data?
  • Batch vs Streaming data processing
  • Overview of Analytics
  • Big data Hadoop opportunities
  • Hadoop
  • HDFS (Storage)
  • YARN (Hadoop Processing Framework)
  • MapReduce using Java (Processing Data)
  • Apache Hive
  • Apache Pig
  • HBASE (Real NoSQL )
  • Sqoop

Why Should You Choose Us For Big Data Hadoop Training?

Curated by the experts, our Hadoop course is aimed to provide an in-depth knowledge about the Big Data and Hadoop ecosystems. This gives you an edge over those professionals who are already working in that field, particularly when it comes to pay package. Next, if you are considering IJPs in your office, then our Hadoop certification can help you to move up the corporate ladder to accelerate your career.

Our certification can help you to quickly transit to Hadoop even if you are from a different technological background. Our experts will help you to authenticate your hands-on-experience and deal with the big data. Including the latest features of hadoop, our certification reassures recruiters about your specialization in handling advanced Hadoop features. Above all, this certification helps you to confidently put across yourself to potential employers while networking.

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Courses covers

  • Distributed Computing
  • Overview of Analytics
  • Hadoop
  • Apache Hive

Distributed Computing

    Multiple architectures and use cases Focus today: using multiple servers, each working on part of job, each doing same task of job, each doing same task
Key Challenges:-
  • Work distribution and orchestration
  • Error recovery
  • Scalability and management

Overview of Analytics

Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that manages data processing and storage for big data applications running in clustered systems. It is at the center of a growing ecosystem of big data technologies that are primarily used to support advanced analytics initiatives, including predictive analytics, data mining and machine learning applications. Hadoop can handle various forms of structured and unstructured data, giving users more flexibility for collecting, processing and analyzing data than relational databases and data warehouses .


  • Regression and Classification
  • Understanding Logistic Regression
  • Understanding Logistic Regression
  • Multivariate Regression
  • Confusion Matrix in Machine Learning
  • Linear Regression(Python Implementation)
  • Softmax Regression using TensorFlow
  • Linear Regression using PyTorch
  • Identifying handwritten digits using Logistic Regression in PyTorch

Apache Hive

Apache Hive is a Hadoop component that is normally deployed by data analysts even though Apache Pig is deployed for the same purpose it is used more by researchers and programmers. It is an Open Source data warehousing system. It is exclusively used to query and analyze huge data sets stored in the Hadoop storage.