BlockChain Course in Bangalore

BlockChain Course in Bangalore

About The Course

With cryptocurrencies creating new waves in the market, marketers are increasingly looking for certified professionals who are smart, efficient and prompt in handling auch projects. A Blockchain training program gives you an edge and helps you display these qualities to potential recruiters.

Several professionals across the globe are excited to explore the opportunities that surround this Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology and understand what it has got to offer both non-financial and non-financial institutions.

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What Are The Prerequisites For Blockchain Training?

There are no specific requirements to take up this training or learn the infrastructure of the cryptocurrency. Anyone can take up this training program.

Why Choose Us?

At Limles Technologies, our Blockchain training program us exclusively designed for those developers who crave to decipher the current craze surrounding the concept of Blockchain. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With us, you will be able to learn all the technical mechanisms and the core structure of Hyperledger, Ethereum, Bitcoin and other multichain blockchain platforms. Our experts will train you to use all the latest tools for building and developing various Blockchain applications.

Once you get trained by us, you will also be able to set up private blockchain on your own, deploy smart contracts across Ethereum and ultimately gain practical experience knowledge by working on real-time projects. Our training will also cover other relevant topics related to cryptocurrencies along with wider blockchain space.

Course overview and logistics

  • The big picture of the industry – size, growth, structure, players
  • Bitcoin versus Cryptocurrencies versus Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).
  • Bitcoin, HyperLedger, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash. Etc.
  • High and Low trust societies
  • Peer-to-Peer, Leviathan, and Intermediary
  • Introduction to Cryptography.
  • Modelling money flow (velocity of money)
  • Application of Cryptography to Blockchain
  • Blockchain Dynamics
  • Basics of contract law.