Devops Training Institutes in Bangalore

Devops Training Institutes in Bangalore

Devops is not a tool or a team, it is the process or a methodology of using various tools to solve the problems between Developers and Operations team, hence the term “Dev-Ops”.

Development and Operational Challenges:-

      • Callenge 1: Building the DevOps Culture
      • Challenge 2: Meeting the Quick-Fix Tool/App Mentality
      • Challenge 3: From Legacy to Cloud
      • Challenge 4: Networking
      • Challenge 5: Marginalized and Changing Budget

Overview of Version Control:-

Version control systems are a category of software tools that help a software team manage changes to source code over time. Version control software keeps track of every modification to the code in a special kind of database.

Overview of Build and Deployment Management:-

The main purpose of the release and deployment management is planning, scheduling and controlling of the build, testing and deployment of releases and delivering the new functionality which is required by the businesses and at the same time, protecting the integrity of the services.

Overview of Release and Change Management:-

Change Management is a governance process, the role of the Change Manager is to review, authorise and schedule the Change. Release Management is an installation process. It works with the support of Change Management to builds, tests and deploy new or updated services into the live environment.

Development and Operational Challenges:-

1. Manual testing
2. No DevOps center of excellence
3. Test data
4. Manual deployments
5. Planning in a DevOps environment
6. DevOps and suppliers
7. DevOps and governance
8. No integrated tools architecture
9. Manual releases
10. No DevOps metrics
11. DevOps and team composition
12. DevOps and regulatory compliance
13. No service virtualization
14. DevOps and specialist skills
15. Traceability across the DevOps landscape
16. Large releases
17. Inconsistent environments
18. Agile confined to developers
19. Limited transparency
20. Manual processes
21. Collaboration between development and operations
22. No DevOps vision or strategy
23. No production-like environments
24. Waste in existing processes
25. Limited customer feedback
26. Elicitation of nonfunctional requirements
27. Collaboration across all IT disciplines
28. Collaboration between business and IT
29. No standard SCM repository
30. Environment provisioning

How to improve collaboration between development and operations.:-
1. Change your change management. …
2. Communicate more often with the app dev group to increase its knowledge of operations. …
3. Educate app dev on the evolution of I&O as a services-centric organisation. …
4. Consider app dev as “service dev” …
5. Understand and manage the diversity of views on IT delivery.