IoT Training Institute in Bangalore

IoT Training Institute in Bangalore


About The Course

Surrounding the fascinating world of devices that are interconnected through internet, Internet of Things is one of the highly regarded niche today. Separating reality from the hype, this course serves as a meeting point for both IT professionals as well as manufacturing industry personnel, who together deliver innovative innovative IT solutions. Recruiters are continuously looking out for individuals who are trained in IoT. this credential gives them a sense of security and helps them get reassured about your abilities.

Who Should Be Taking Up IoT Training?

IoT training program is best suited for all those who are passionate about working with this technology. It is also great for those who would want to go ahead and become an IoT developer. However, the following candidates make the best choice to take up this training:

  • Solution architects
  • Software developers
  • Students seeking IoT knowledge
  • Technical architects
  • Managers and business executives who want to learn IoT essentials

Are There Any Prerequisites For This Training?

While there is no specific knowledge required to take up this training, intermediate knowledge about the following is necessary:

  • Basin Python programming
  • Linux fundamentals
  • Working knowledge on IoT hub and storage

What Can You Expect When You Choose Us?

When you choose us for Iot training, you can get placement assistance. We provide complementary placement training to boost your job/internship project hunt. During the course, you will work on different industrial projects and build IoT applications for various live projects. Packed with exercises, assignments, code challenges, quizzes and assessment tests, you can be assured of great hands on exercises.

Furthermore, we just do not stop at it. We understand that you require support even after the course ends. So, we have active discussion forum, to which you will be granted access. This helps you to ask questions and get answers in less than 24 hours. Our live chat support enables you to interact with our teaching experts.

Course covers

  • Introduction to IoT
  • IOT basics concepts
  • What is Internet of Things?
  • Why IOT is important?
  • Architecture of IOT
  • How is IoT changing the world & Impact of IOT
  • Applications and industry verticals
  • IoT: Characteristics, Enabling Technologies, Technical Scope
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi 3 – The “Rocket-In-A-Pocket” Board for IoT
  • Board Features – History and Reception
  • Hardware Description
  • Functional Schematics
  • Software and OS Options

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