Success Factors Training in Bangalore

Success Factors Training in Bangalore

About The Course

Great training is as critical as great technology. This is because only when you know how to leverage a technology, you will be able to make the most out of it. Success factor training is aimed to provide transformative business outcomes. This helps you to get completely equipped with all the necessary skill sets and the right knowledge. Therefore, right from exploring the right training options to visualizing your training journey, everything matters.

Whether you are individual looking to upgrade yourself or an organization interested in getting its employees upgraded with their skill sets, we can help you with everything at Limles technologies. Our team can design and re-design courses just to fit your requirements.

What Is HCM Training And How Can It Be Beneficial To Me?

SuccesFactors Human Capital Management serves as a solution that integrates several business disciplines to achieve team execution, business strategy alignment, capitalization of people performance, etc. the business disciplines integrated here include the following:

  • Onboarding
  • Collaboration tools
  • Applicant tracking software
  • Performance management systems
  • Learning management systems
  • HR analytics
  • Talent management
  • Recruiting software application

These solutions are purely cloud based making it easy to implement and also capable of growth along with the organization. Therefore, you can start anywhere and just go everywhere. So, when you equip yourself with this certification, you will be able to impress your employers and cut through the competition too.

Course covers

  1. Provisioning – Company Settings
  2. Create Admin User
  3. Home page – Look and Feel
  4. Admin tools – Walk Through
  5. Manage home page
  6. Theme Manager, Company Logo and Company system & Logo settings
  7. Employee Self Service & Manager Self Service
  8. Proxy Management
  9. Organization Chart and Employee Directory
  10. Seven Data models – XML Editing
  11. Foundation Objects
  12. Generic/MDF Objects – Standard
  13. Picklist Management
  14. MDF Picklist
  15. Export/Import Emp and Foundation Data
  16. Set-up Public Profile
  17. Define fields in Profile
  18. HRIS Sync
  19. Business Rules
  20. Configure people profile
  21. Employee Life Cycle Changes – Hire, Rehire etc.-
  22. Event/ event reason Derivation rules
  23. Dynamic/Workflow Groups
  24. Dynamic Roles
  25. Email Notification Templates
  26. Workflows
  27. Position Management
  28. Manage Sequence
  29. Concurrent Employment
  30. Global Assignment
  31. MDF(Meta data frame work) Objects– Custom
  32. Text Replacement
  33. Mobility
  34. Document Generation
  35. Manage Mass changes
  36. Manage Business configuration
  37. Manage Time off Process

At Limles Technologies we offer top quality success factor training that help you to carve your way to success.